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 Happy dream of the medical center with 90 years

Incheon medical center is the only public medical institution with a long history and tradition over 90 years in Incheon and has lead health improvement of communities and health promotion of people.
medical center selected'good quality and appropriate health care' and 'establishment of public health care' as key values and has been making constant effort to achieve this.

Hello, I am the 15th director, Jo Seung Yeon.

Incheon medical center is a hospital for Incheon citizen, which has a long history of leading making Incheon into a health care city and protecting Incheon citizen's health for 90 years since it was established as a Gyeonggi provincial Incheon clinic in 1932.

Incheon medical center conducts patient care by providing every patient with appropriate standard healthcare without over- or under-care regardless of area, class, field, as a duty of all medical staffs.

We have been leading various projects of the government to protect safety of people including operating the first patient-sitter program where medical staffs take care of patients by themselves in Korea (2010), State-designated negative pressure isolation room (NPIR) to respond to emerging infectious diseases such as Ebolavirus and Mers (2009), the first Sharing room without a guardian in Korea (2010), establishing the first public health affairs based on an ordinance (2014), a comprehensive nursing service (2015), consigned operation of Incheon Center for Infectious Diseases Control & Prevention (2017).

Additionally, we permanently operate Dongbu Sunflower Center to protect and help victims of sexual violence/domestic violence and Emergency Center for Intoxicated People for citizen whose lives are threatened by misrecognition in the hospital by cooperating with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and the National Police Agency.

We also operate health care services including Visiting health care service for vulnerability areas such as islands and remote areas, Free health care support project for foreign workers, Chronic care project, Cancer diagnosis and medical expense support for vulnerabilities, Home visiting nursing service, as a safety net for vulnerabilities that is a duty of a public hospital.

We will faithfully perform as a health keeper to protect Incheon citizen's health as a district general hospital by providing various essential professional health service such as establishing a hospice/palliative care and a cardiocerebrovascular center in future.

Incheon medical center is always open to everyone to listen to a variety of opinions and all staffs promise to repay your love and attention with transparent management and the best service.

Thank you.

2018. 12. 20

15th Director of Incheon Medical Center, Jo Seung Yeon서명이미지입니다.