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Public health program

Incheon Medical Center boasts off prestigious programs of public health, health screen, emergency care, orthopedics program, cancer management program and out-patient clinic programs for a variety of chronic disease. The excellent programs of the prestigious institution were awarded for 3 times by the president of the republic in 2001, 2010 and 2016.


  • Incheon Medical Center is a public health system covering the whole metropolitan area of Incheon, a modern macro-city boasting the international airport, the excellent harbor, the outstanding industry and the advancing technology with rapidly expanding population in the vicinity of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

  • ICMC opened on May 1938 . Over 90 years of History, we have always been with citizens as a public hospital representing incheon.

  • The program is open to various social network of Incheon Metropolitan area so that Incheon Medical Center can provide a safety device for poor people, handicapped people, elderly, r alienated social group. Incheon citizens can be benefitted from a lot of surgery in free charge if eligible. Control of infectious disease is an important public health program including prevention, screen, detection isolation and treatment. Incheon Medical Center, an updated modern medical institution with top quality medical staff and equipments has provided a total integral inpatient care with no outside nursing aid even from family for everyone. Every patient will not be discriminated by educational level, financial status, or ethnic background. The program is being carried out for social justice providing equal opportunity for every Incheon citizen needing medical care. The entire faculty has contributed to the Public Health Program.

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