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About Examination Center

Current status of Health examination center

  • Scale: 991.73㎡ (300 pyeong),
  • Daily number available for comprehensive examination: 50.
    • We promise to provide you with the best equipment such as 128 Channel MDCT, Advanced MRI, BMD, SONO for high-quality examination.
  • We ensure enough time for examination and short waiting time by limiting numbers available for daily reservation.


  • Accurate
  • Guarantee accurate results from professional medical staffs by field through advanced examination equipment, information system of the hospital, image data system and separate examination data system
  • Safe
  • Guarantee a safe examination following various infectious disease regulations and patient safety regulations, as a medical institution certified by Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation twice in a row
  • Comfortable
  • Guarantee convenience by ensuring enough time of examination with 100% reservation system and a wide place with high quality service.


  • Rigorous follow-up system
  • Professional health care for various diseases found from examination
  • Reasonable expense as a leading hospital for public health care

Key Points

  • Advanced equipment with the best specification
  • Using 128 Channel CT that has the best specification ever and HD Endoscopic ultrasound equipment for precision diagnosis
  • Professional medical staffs by department associated with health examination
  • Family medicine, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Radiology, Laboratory medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Facility guide

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About Equipment

  • 영상의학과 MRI실 입구

    BMD(Bone densitometer)

    Diagnose risk of fracture such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia by measuring calcium density of bone
  • 영상의학과 MRI실

    MDCT(128 Channel)

    Ultrahigh-speed cardiac imaging and reducing radiation exposure by introducing Low Dose CT
  • 영상의학과  MDCT실

    Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

    Revolutionary diagnosis of breast cancer by detecting minute lesion with advanced digital radiology equipment
  • 원무과 창구

    Penetrate equipment

    Intervention and imaging of digestive organs such as gastro and large intestine are available by providing a clear and real-time image and failure of organs
  • 응급실 수술방

    Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment

    Equipment with the best specification to diagnose a variety of diseases by imaging human tissue using harmless ultrasound
  • 응급실내부

    Digital Chest X-ray

    High resolution-radiology equipment for breast only
  • 내시경실


    More efficient analysis and diagnosis of a variety of complex diseases