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Pre-examination Notice

Fasting guidelines

  • Fasting guidelines
    • Please have light and not greasy food for dinner before examination.
    • Do not have water, coffee and gum including beverages since 10 pm
  • Please avoid overwork and drinking 2~3 days before examination.
  • Please take drugs by the day before examination.
  • If you take antithrombotic (aspirin, plavix, etc), please stop taking it for 3~5 days after consultation with your attending physician to prevent a risk of bleeding when biopsy is required during endoscopy.
  • Do not inject insulin from the evening

Preparation on the day of examination

  • Do not have water, drugs, gum and cigarette including breakfast
  • Must fill in a health questionnaire.
  • If you take antihypertensive drug, please bring the drugs to take after examination.
  • If you have diabetes, do not take drugs or inject insulin on the morning of the day of examination.
  • Please collect and bring your stool in a stool box.
  • If you are pregnant or on a period, please tell medical staffs in advance.
  • If you use contact lenses, please wear glasses on the day of examination.

Other guidelines

  • Please contact us 2 days before the scheduled date if you want to change the schedule. (TEL : 032) 580 - 6027 ~ 6030. 6040. FAX: 032) 580 - 6043)
  • Do not bring valuables to prevent theft.
  • Please come with a guardian and do not drive on the day of sedative endoscopy.