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Items and methods

Physical measurement and Inbody

Measure height, weight, obesity index, muscle mass, body mas index.

In case of fat accumulation inside body, a risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiopathy, cholelithiasis, urinary stone, stroke and more increases with age.

Ophthalmic examination

Glaucoma, retinal diseases and cataract can be detected through near far testing, intraocular pressure test and fundus photography.

Intraocular pressure test : Exposure to glaucoma increases intraocular pressure and causes ophthalmic disorder by pressuring optic nerve, resulting in ophthalmalgia, headache, blurred vision and tunnel vision.

Fundus photography : Examination to detect cataract, retinal diseases, diabetes and retinal complication through mydriasis. Eye care is recommended if abnormality is detected after examination.

Hearing test

Examination to find out whether there is hearing loss and the degree of loss of both sides of ears through hearing from low-Hz to high-Hz.

Dental examination

Check oral health including teeth and periodontium through dental examination.

Pulmonary function test

Check abnormal function of bronchus and lungs through examining vital capacity and ventilatory function.

Cardiac examination

Blood pressure : Examination to check abnormality of heart function. Frequent measurement is needed as It is hard to diagnose hypertension by a single measurement.

systolic pressure diastolic pressure (Unit : mmHg)
Normal below 130 below 85
High normal 130~139 85~89 Regular blood pressure measurement is necessary
Hypertension 140 or more 90 or more Cardiac care is necessary.

Blood test

Liver function, hepatitis, cholesterol, tumor maker test, diabetes, thyroid function, electrolyte, arthritis, renal function, immune diseases, blood test and more tests are conducted through blood collection.


Unnecessary waste from kidney is filtered and eliminated with urine. Nephritis, cystitis, diabetes, urinary tract infection and more diseases can be detected through urine. If you are a female who has been under stress, fatigue, excessive exercise and menstruation, you may test positive and have a re-examination.

Stool examination

Parasite examination
Examine parasite within stool.

Guaiac test
xamine hemorrhagic disorders of lower or upper gastrointestinal through stool occult blood. If you test positive for occult blood, you need a complete examination after consultation. You may test positive, if you have hemorrhoids.


If you have cardiomegaly by arrhythmia(abnormal heart rhythm, irregular pulse), angina, myocardial infarction, hypertension, there will be ECG change.

Gynecological examination

his is a very useful examination for an early diagnose of cervical cancer, which examines cervical diseases, vaginitis, cervical polyp, cervical cancer and more.

BMD measurement

Examination to measure density and content of bone mineral by imaging bone density with a computer, which compares them with average of the same age by measuring bone density of spine and femoral region.

astroscopy/Gastrointestinal imaging

Examination to diagnose inflammation, ulcer, tumor and cancer of stomach, throat and duodenum, which has 2 types of endoscope and gastrointestinal imaging

Examination to check inflammation, ulcer, tumor and cancer by inserting a long and thin electronic endoscopy from throat to stomach and duodenum. If lesion is detected, a part of tissue is collected and biopsy is conducted to check the lesion accurately, and a helicobacter testing is also conducted.

Sedative endoscopy
Examination for less pain and more comfortableness compared to a general endoscopy by an intravenous injection to induce temporary amnesia. (plus cost for sedation) You must not drive or machine operation on the day, as you get dizzy and sleepy as a side effect of the examination.

Gastrointestinal imaging
Drink a white contrast medium(barium) and the examination is conducted through imaging X-ray from throat to upper gastrointestinal of stomach and duodenum to diagnose inflammation, ulcer, tumor or a deformed diverticulum. If lesion is detected, you may have a further examination through an endoscopy. (Additional cost)

Chest X-ray

Diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, pleurisy, cardiomegaly and bronchiectasis and even a history of tuberculosis can be detected.

If a finding is abnormal, you may have a further chest CT for a complete examination. (Additional cost)

Abdominal ultrasound

Examine liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen in the upper abdomen.

Breast imaging

A kind of primary screening tests using radiation, which helps to diagnosis of calcification.

It can screen breast, calcification, fibroadenoma, breast cancer and more.

If it is hard to diagnose by X-ray imaging, you may have to have an ultrasound, biopsy and cytology.