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Examination Program

Examination Items Disease Standard PLUS Comprehensive
M35/F40 M50/F55 M80/F85
Medical Consultation interview medical history, presenting symptoms
Body Measurements height, weight, blood pressre, color bindness, simple hearling Body Condition, high blood pressure, appropriate weight,
Myopia  , astigmatism etc
Oral Dental check dental disease
stool occult Blood coccult bleeding, colon Cancer
eye intraocular pressure glaucoma
Eyeground hypertension, diabetic eyeground
Chest -Xray Chest-PA Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, lungcancer,
pulmonart emphysema, Respiratory disease
body Composition body Mass Index, Body Fat Body condition, Abdominal fatness, Nutriture, Muscle condition, Body development index
Pulmonary Function Breating test Cardio pulmonart Function disorder, Respiratory disease , Asthma
Electrocardiography 12(E.K.G) arrhyhmia, Angina Pectoris, heart function
Female Papsmear (more than 20years old Women) Cervical Cancer female female female
Mammography (More than 40years old Woment) Breast Cancer, Fibroadenoma, Mastitis female female female
Liver Total protein Liver Carrhosis
Albumin Liver Complaint, Nephrotic syndrome, Malnutrition
Globurin Liver and bowel disease
A/G ratio The Progression of Liver Disease
T. Bilirubin icteric liver disease
SGOT Hepatitis
SGPT chronic Hepatits , Myocardial infarction
r-GTP Alcholic hepatitis, Fatty Liver
Alk-Phosphatase Icterus, Liver cirrhosis
Hepatits (B,A,C) HBs-Ag (CIA) Hepatitis B
HBs-Ab (CIA) antibody (Hepatits B)
   Total HAV Ab antibody (Hepatits A)
HCV Ab Immunity (Hepatits C)
Sideropenic anemia Fe Iron Deficiency Anemia
UIBC Iron Deficiency Anemia
Iron saturation Iron Deficiency Anemia
circulatory &
Lipid metabolism
LDH (Lactate dehydrogenase) polymyositis, cerebrovascular accident, angina pectoris
T-cholesterol (Total Cgolesterol) Arteriosclerosis, hypertension
HDL-cholesterol ingibiting factor (Arteriosclerosis)
LDL-cholesterol Risk factor (Arteriosclerosis)
Triglyceride Liver lipid metabolism, Fatty Liver
renal function BUN Renal Function Impairment, dehydration, urea notrogen
B/C ratio Renal Function Impairment, Uremia, Renal Insufficiency
Creatinine Renal Function Impairment, Creatinine
GFR Renal Disease , Renal Insufficiency
rheumatism & gout RA Factor Rheumarthritis
Uric acid gout, Malignant disease
pancreas function Amylase Pancreatitis
diabetes Mellitus Glucose (Fasting blood sugar) diabetes
HbA1C The blood sugar Level (during the last 3 months)
Thyroid Function TSH hyperthyreosis and athyria
Tomor Markers
(liver, Colon, digestive organ, prostate, ovary)
AFP(Liver cancer) Liver cancer
CEA(digestive cancer) Colon Cancer, rectal cancer, the cancer of digestive system
CA19-9 pancreatic cancer digestive cancer Screen
PSA(M) prostate cancer
CA125(F) ovarian cancer
Hemodycrasia Ⅰ RBC(red blood cell) Anemia, Myeloproliferative syndrome
Hb(white blood cell) Anemia, plethora
MCV(Mean corpuscular volume) distinguish cause about Anemia
MCH(Mean Courpuscular hemoglobin)
MCHC(Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration)
RDW Red cell distrivution width
MPV idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
PDW Red cell distrivution width
Platelet bleeding disorders
Hemodycrasia Ⅱ WBC(white blood cell) Inflammation, Leukemia
WBCDiffSegments acute and chronic imflammation, Allergic diseases
Urine PH Nephritis, Urinart hemorrhange
Urine glucose diabetes
protein in urine Renal and Pyelitis
Enrichment Renal Function exmination
Ketone metabolic disease
Urobilinogen Hepatopahty, cythemolysis and  obstructive jaundice
Bilirubin Liver disease, cythemolysis and  obstructive jaundice
Nitrite cholelithiasis, cholangiocarcinoma
occult hematuria (stick) Renal Function exmination
Red Blood cell (Microscope)
White blood cell
syphilis Syphilis (RPR) Syphilis
parathyroid Ca (calcium) Chronic Renal failure, parathyroid Function
P (Phosphorus) hypoparathyroidism, Renal failure
electrolyte Na (Natrium) Electrolyric test
Cl (Chlorine)
bone density BMD( More than 40 years old ) Bone densitometry
Arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis blood vessel elasticity, hardening, blood circulation
Ultrasonography Upper Part of the belly Liver and bowels, Renal, Pancreas, gall bladder, Spleen, biliary tract
thyroid Goiter,Bronchocele, Thyroid cancer Choose 1 Choose 2
Prostate Prostatomegaly, Prostate cancer
uterus Uterine cancer, Uterine myoma, Ovarian cancer
Carotid artery Carotid artery stenosis, the risk of cerebrovascular disease, vein aging disease
Brest breast cancer, mastadenoma, metastatic cancer
128channel MDCT Brain Brain tumor, stroke, cerebral brain hemorrhage
Lung Pulmonary tumors, tuberculosis, Emphysema of the lung, Lung disease
Heart(Coronart artery calcium)  Sedative Gastric endoscopy coronary calcification the risk of coronary disease
Endoscopy    Sedative Gastric endoscopy Throat, Stomach, periduodenitis, ulcer, Cancer,  Helicobacter Infection